Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Create Thick Dreadlocks

This is my hair breaking off and looking awful with straightners. I honestly thought my hair just didnt't grow. Little did I know that it was the chemicals that were keeping my hair unhealthy.     

One comment that I often get about my hair is that my dreadlocks are thick. My dreadlocks vary in size throughout my hair. They are thick toward the front and top of my head. This is the area that encounters very little friction. At the back and sides, where my head encounters more friction from me sleeping, my dreadlocks are thinner. In my book, I show the reader how to effortlessly get thick and beautiful dreadlocks.

ALL you have to do is NOTHING. I know it sounds crazy but that is the secret. Your hair will create the best look all by itself. You don't have to do anything to get this look.

Making dreadlocks that require no maintenance and look great has never been easier. Never go to the beauty shop again!
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  1. awwh, such a sweet girl with glasses and even more beautiful natural! love your videos! will get the ebook now. I did email you this morning but I hope all the info is in the book but you can by all means still respond!

    Multiplied grace and peace to you!